Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Saturday 6th September- Flying

The irony that flying over 6000 miles today is contributing to the demise of the very creatures I so revere is not lost on me. I attempt to justify this by holding onto the notion that I am broadening my mind about the plight of the Arctic as the world relentlessly pursues economic 'progress' at the expense of our planet.

The journey to Churchill involved 3 flights and 2 nights on the Hudson Bay train. The segment to Toronto proved surprisingly enjoyable, my barely contained excitement being fuelled by the complimentary red wine. I normally use such opportunities to devour some literature; however on this occasion I read only half of Atonement by Ian McEwen and found a guilty pleasure in watching a less than profound film.

I finally reached Winnipeg airport at 19:40 local time but my suitcase was less lucky; after some degree of panic on my part and pleading phone calls to Air Canada, it arrived the next morning just in time for the onward trip.

The reason I was embarking on this long trip

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