Monday, 15 August 2011

Black Bear Videos at Anan Creek, July 2011

I'm a stills photographer, and not expert at video, but the opportunity of spending an entire week out at Anan Creek in South East Alaska allowed to me take a few short video clips as well, using my usual digital camera. If like me, you love bears, I hope you'll enjoy them despite any technical shortcomings.

The clip above shows the interaction between two black bears.

This shows a black bear using the board walk at the bear observatory, common behaviour which means humans need to exercise caution!

This is one of a series of close up bears of black bears at the observatory: since they are habituated to humans, there's more opportunity to observe them from relatively close quarters.

Here's another close encounter: a short video like this does little to convey the magic of being able to see the individual hairs on their head.

This was taken on one of several gloriously sunny days I was fortunate enough to enjoy at Anan, which is one of the few places with higher average rainfall than my native North West England.

Another close encounter with a black bear at Anan.

The final series of clips show black bears fishing for salmon and eating them.

Above are two clips of black bear eating their catch of salmon.

Above are two short close up head shots of bears fishing. The next three videos below show successful fishing.

Finally, below are three videos where the bear didn't catch fish, but still it's interesting to see the look of concentration on their faces.

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