Sunday, 20 November 2011

Churchill Polar Bears 13th November 2011: Train Journey Home

Stop at Thompson

The train journey is a slower alternative to flying to Churchill, but less environmentally damaging, and infinitely more fun. This joy was heighted by seeing my favourite conductor from last year, and a veteran of these trips, on the return trip. Sadly he told me he’s retiring at the end of the year, which marks the end of an era. Another tradition on the train seems to be them running out of red wine on the way back on trips with the Great Bear foundation, and this year was no exception in this respect. I can’t possibility write about the contingency plans I’d put in place to deal with this situation, since consumption of alcohol not purchased on the train is prohibited.

A view from the train

By this stage, having spent over a week together, the group knew each other well, and there was opportunity for reflection and discussion about the trip, and much camaraderie. As I noted this year, the GBF’s ethos certainly aids bear conservation, but the positive effect it has on individuals is just as important.

Stop at a small community

Stop at Thompson

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