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Churchill Landmarks, 15th November 2013

15th November 2013
Today, I explored Churchill in a rented truck, and my anxiety about driving in the snow on unploughed side roads was misplaced. Note that I carry bear spray, and I do not recommend independent exploration here unless you are experienced and knowledgeable about the dangers inherent in bear viewing. If you get stuck, which is a very real possibility, you face trying to dig out your vehicle in Arctic temperatures in polar bear territory. This is why the Great Bear Foundation's tour is so much appreciated and recommended.

Yet, I really appreciated the opportunity to soak in the atmosphere of this remarkable landscape alone. The wildlife viewing was limited today, perhaps because of the relatively mild weather. I saw two polar bears from a distance, and an arctic and red fox, but I'm going to use this post to show you some of the other landmarks of Churchill. It's incredible to experience life in such a remote community, and I never tire of this trip. Alas, tomorrow evening we leave for the long train journey back to Winnipeg. I'm always heart broken to depart, but I will console myself with the thought that the draw of Churchill will surely bring me back again soon. I felt really alive, and exhilarated today in a way I rarely experience in everyday life outside bear country.

Churchill Main Street

The Boreal Garden Research Centre

Gypsy's Bakery, amazing food in a remote location

The Port of Churchill

The Canadian Shield

Polar Bear Alert Sign behind the community centre

Churchill housing (population 800)

Miss Piggy plane wreck

Churchill Airport

Polar Bear 'Jail'

Polar Bear Traps used by Manitoba Conservation

 The tundra near Miss Piggy

Prince of Wales Fort from Cape Merry

Husky Sled Dog

The Ithaca Shipwreck in Bird Cove

The 'Golf Balls', a Cold War legacy

The Northern Lights viewing platform at the Northern Studies Centre

The View from the Northern Studies Centre

Polar Bears are the reason I make the 4 day long journey to Churchill every year


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