Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Kenai Fjords NP and Kachemak Bay, July 2014

My plans to spend a long day in Kenai Fjords National Park viewing wildlife from a small boat were thwarted by stormy weather; instead I was only able to take a shorter trip on a larger vessel. Fog and rain rather restricted the photographic opportunities, so you may like to review my pictures from 2013. I then travelled to Homer on the other side of the Kenai Peninsula, as this is the point from which you travel to McNeil River, having the opportunity to spend a short time exploring Kachemak Bay in more clement conditions.

Sea Lions 


Sea birds in Kenai Fjords National Park 

Sea Lions

Sunset from the end of Homer Spit 

Kachemak Bay State Park

Navigation, Alaska, July 2014
McNeil River Introduction
McNeil Brown Bears 13th August
McNeil Brown Bears 14th August
McNeil Brown Bears 15th August
McNeil Brown Bears 16th August
McNeil Brown Bear Videos

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