Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Churchill Polar Bears, November 5th 2014

I woke up to find much colder weather, and was still acclimatising to driving in snow again, my home climate being far more temperate. As a result, my Jeep got stuck on the approach to Bird Cove. Yet luckily, within minutes I spotted Kelsey of the Polar Bear Alley blog who was guiding a documentary film crew and recognised me from last year's visit. He towed me out, an example of the co-operative nature of northern living where survival is challenging. It was another snowy day (which had come late to Churchill this season), with limited visibility. Despite extensive searching, I had only one bear sighting, but patience is crucial to wildlife viewing and I was far from discouraged. In such a severe climate, the hearty food of Gypsies bakery and restaurant, unlikely in such a remote location, was welcome once the light faded.

The bear I saw sheltering from the snow

A sled dog

Gypsies, a Churchill institution

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