Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Churchill Polar Bears, November 6th 2014

Mother and Two Cubs on the beach near to Bird Cove

Thursday brought clearer weather and I explored extensively around the Bird Cove area, which is the location used by Lazy Bear’s Tundra Buggies (they lack the permits of the other two operators to seek out bears in the prime viewing area).  I glimpsed a mother and two cubs on the rocks, who then moved onto beach area; it was magical to observe them, and finally the light was glorious for photography.

The Ithaca ship wreck

The photograph below shows the Miss Piggy plane wreck, a tourist attraction but in an area with few bears this year, as Manitoba conservation has made efforts to move them on beyond the airport. This is to reduce human bear conflicts following two incidents in town last season.

Miss Piggy

The Tundra near Bird Cove

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