Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Churchill Polar Bears, 7th November 2015

On this day, I took a Rover tour with Great White Bear tours and was privileged to have a particularly magical encounter with a mother and cubs at Half Way Point. In common with the Tundra Buggy company who operate differently named but similar off road vehicles, food smells attract bears to the companies' tundra lodges, and beef stew was served at lunchtime close to a resting bear, with the windows open for photographic purposes. Measures are taken to ensure that no food is accessible to the bears, but I feel uncomfortable with use of this technique by both companies. From a practical point of view, Great White Bear limit the numbers on their vehicle to around 24, whereas Frontiers North fill the buggy with 40 people if there is demand. In addition, GWB provide an interpreter to assist the driver, and their vehicles are more comfortable, so if you must undertake this type of tour, I would prefer them.

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