Sunday, 24 September 2017

Anan Creek Introduction, July 2017

At the beginning of July, I returned for the sixth time to spend a week at Anan Creek to view black and brown bears. For once, perhaps my most memorable encounter was not of a bear, but instead my first sighting of a grey wolf in South East Alaska.

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Black Bears
Black Bear Cubs
Brown Bears
Brown Bear Cubs

The young brown bear in this picture from the Lagoon at Anan was also curious of this visitor.

The young male junvenile wolf seen from the bear viewing platform

River Otters from the platform.

Anan Lagoon at high tide

I love the walk through the forest to the bear viewing platform

The lagoon from the boardwalk

The platform

Anan Creek from the photo blind

View from the cabin at low tide with the rangers' floathouse in view

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