Sunday, 24 December 2017

Churchill Polar Bears, 7th November 2017

These pictures were taken on a Tundra Buggy with the company Frontiers North. There are some who regard these large off road vehicles as the embodiment of industrial tourism, but in my view they at a way of confining the impact of tourism to a confined area, and of managing numbers. Later in this trip, I took a similar tour with a rival company and had a somewhat negative experience, so I would suggest that Frontiers North is the most considerate and professional such outfit. Below, you can see the rather gruesome spectacle we observed of a silver fox preying on a smaller arctic fox. This second day of my visit to Churchill was the time when I saw by far the most bears: after this, numbers declined markedly as they moved onto the partially frozen Bay.

Churchill 2017 Contents
6th November
7th November
8th November
9th November
10th November
11th November
12th November
13th November

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