Sunday, 16 December 2018

Churchill Polar Bears 7th November 2018

I generally explore the road and trail system around Churchill in my own rented vehicle, but the pictures on this page and the next one for November 8th were taken on a Tundra Buggy day tour run by Frontiers North. In my experience, this company is the most reliable and responsible of the operators who operate large off road vehicle tours, though this year, unusually, one of the two tours I went left quite a bit to be desired, to the extent that I complained to the company. Some are uncomfortable in general with such relatively large scale tourism, though I feel that the permit system at least restricts the impact of tourism, and ensures safety. I certainly don't recommend that you explore independently as I do unless you're experienced with this area and with the behaviour of polar bears.

Churchill 2018 Contents
4th November
5th November
6th November
7th November
8th November
9-11th November

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